Bremer's Rocketry Journey

My fascination with rocketry started in 2014 when I was gifted a rocket started pack with rockets no larger than a pencil.  These rockets sat in my closet until a day in 2019 when me and my grandfather decided to launch them, and thus a passion was formed.  From there on out after some fortunate meetings in the part I received slightly bigger rockets and then in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic I purchased my first high power rocket, an Apogee Zephyr, which I got my Junior Level 1 Certification.  This has led me to do even crazier things with my rockets, scroll down to learn our rocket story, or Click a button to see more options.

The Story of my First High Power Rocket

The Dreamsicle:  An Evolution

When I began looking for a rocket for my Junior Level 1 certification I found the Zephyr from Apogee to be the best value for money, and it most definitely is a kit that I will recommend to anyone.  After a successful certification flight on a stock Zephyr, I decided to take it up a notch.  Adding a 15 in. Section of tub to this already nearly 5 foot tall rocket pushed it to a staggeringly tall height at a whooping 6' 3".  That new section doubles as a payload bay where I know hold my avionics, including a camera.  See pictures and videos of it in action in this section!

Video from Inside the Dreamsicle Rocket, Unfortunately it turned off at the Apogee!

Big Motors: Little Me  And the Creation of the Low-Rider High-Flyer

I had a problem.  While I was sure that our local hobby shop would sell the motors to me, they technically shouldn't sell me high power motors even with my junior level certification.  That was when my Dad mentioned his interest in rocketry so I decided to knock both out of the way by helping him build a Loc Precision Forte that is decked out in a compliment bringing lowrider paint style.  This rocket has been very fun to fly and gets lots of compliments on the very cool paint job! And now we can get bigger motors!

Our Quest for a Mile High

Here we are facing a conundrum.  In 3 weeks we head to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the largest rocketry launch I have ever been to and they have a 25,000 ft. launch ceiling, whereas the club I launch with in Arizona (SARA) only has a 4000 ft. ceiling at an average launch. Now I have 3 goals that I would like to accomplish before I'm 18.   1. Get Jr. Level 1 High Power Certified  2. Launch a Rocket Taller than me  and 3. Get a rocket a mile High.  1 & 2 have already been taken care of with my Zephyr/Dreamsicle rocket.  Now just time to conquer goal 3.  So 3 weeks before the big rocket launch known as LDRS 39, we start researching a rocket to go a mile high on a high impulse I-Motor, we settle on the   Loc Precision Nuke Pro Maxx, a sub 1 pound rocket that most importantly has a 38mm motor mount.  Arriving about a week before we were scheduled to leave for our trip we essentially speed build this rocket, and of course for the very first time in my life it rains for almost that whole week here in Arizona.  This leads me to the interesting experience of Spray Paining in the rain.  But the rockets together, who cares about a sub-par paintjob.  This rocket did look better with a decal from Decals by Maija though.  After putting on this decal that read MetalMile (The Name of our Rocket) we loaded it in the car with the paint still tacky.  After some complications at the Salt Flats that I will discuss below in the LDRS 39 section of this site, we load up the MetalMile with an I280DM Sparky motor, which I must say is a beautiful motor as it lifts off the launch pad.  A Successful Launch!  After a little bit of searching we find it in perfect condition with the Jolly Logic Chute Release fully open and the altimeter reading a staggering 5903 ft.  Exceeding our goal of a mile high!  Goal completed and in one of the most interesting places in the world!

Teaching S.T.E.M. Through Model Rocketry

Rocketry has taught me so much about Science, Engineering, Technology and Math that I felt it would be a great learning experience for others besides myself.  So when in 8th Grade I had to complete a community projects where I had to identify and fix a problem, I focused on the problem in my community of STEM not being enjoyed when I knew full well it can be enjoyed by all. Thus I launched my mission, advertising around my school campus I got people to sign up to receive a free model rocket kit that they would launch with me in the park if they attended my webinar on STEM and how it can do amazing things.  With nearly 2 dozen people signed up to receive a rocket kit I prepared my webinar in which 90% of those kids came to, we had a lot of fun learning with lots of inquisitive questions being asked that improved understanding.  After a major success at the webinar I reminded everyone to come to the park that weekend for our very own rocket launch.  And at our launch we had a great turnout with well over 2 dozen people attending with additional family and friends, making it a learning experience for the whole family.  We learned how to carefully handle rocket motors and how each part of a rocket makes it fly.  We had a lot of fun and I feel as if I made a difference in my community, and that I inspired kids to see STEM in a new light!

I am Considering Doing this Course Again, please tell me if you would be interested in joining me for this unique learning experience!

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