Welcome to Bremer's Academic Weapon Zone

You didn’t come this far to stop.

Just kidding its mini games

Email Bremer with your score and authentication code to go on the leader board


  1. Chris Q - 2050

  2. Bremer K- 1600

Car Game, Click Start and Set Difficulty in top left corner, Arrows to Move

Leaderboard - (This game does not work well and can glitch super easily)

  1. Bremer K. 6

2 Player Tap to Win Game - Red Side Tap A as Fast as possible blue side tap L as fast as possible!

Tetris Time

Controls: Click the Black Box to Start to control, Arrow Keys left to right, space to bring the block down faster. R to Rotate the Block.


  1. Ming Y. 141

  2. James M. 100

  3. Ben Jammin' Cravets 50

  4. Chris Q. 39

  5. Bremer K. 6

Doodle Jump

Click Start Game and Use Arrow Keys to move side to side.

Refresh to Replay


  1. Ming Y. 251

  2. Chris Q. 162

  3. Bremer K. 39

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