Rocket Conventions & Clubs I have Been To


At the Bonneville Salt Flats 

LDRS, or large dangerous rocket ships, is the largest annual High Power Rocketry convention/festival in the USA.  When we went it was at the Bonneville Salt flats for the last time due to impending air traffic measures.  It was very cool, and if you have a chance to go to an LDRS make sure to go, it is an unique expereience that I would do over again.  Look at the Rocketry photos section to see pictures from when we were at the launch, just look for the white backround of the salt!  It was also our first rocketry convention, and hopefully not our last!

LDRS 39 was hosted by UROC


At Lucerne Dry Lake Bed 

Had another great year and another great LDRS Experience with the Rocketry Organization of California out at their Lucerne Dry Lake Bed launch site. Had a great time staying in Big Bear, and I can't wait to. come back to LDRS next year, hopefully with less failures!

The Rocket Club I Belong to


Southern Arizona Rocketry Association

When our family launches a high power rocket, 9 times out of 10 it is at the launch site of the Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA). With great people who have taught me a lot about rocketry and just being great people in general, this club will diffenitely have my membership for years to come! Check out their website and my rocketry pictures to see SARA in action!