Getting on Track

Run, Jump, Throw, Oww

The Goal of this project was to capture how hectic track can be at times. Using a fast shutter speed, I was able to capture some of the movements that are otherwise not seen or noticed by someone watching the track. I was also interested in how people noticeably felt in the exact moment that they were competing. I was inspired by other track and field photos that froze the action, especially those of high jump, which is one of my events in track, as it shows determination in the jump in a literally upside down way. I also really enjoyed doing the action sequence project and wanted to make some of those for high jump.

Desert Vista Track Meet - 4 by 1600 Meter Relay ⤵

Brennan McHenry - High Jump Approach ⤴

Tanner Dryer - Pole Vault ⤴

Cree Thomas - High Jump Approach ⤵