Future Projects

My Plans for Future Projects, Just in the Planning Phases. Some may leave the planning phases, some may not! Tell me which ones are most interesting to you!

Additively Manufactured Bi-Prop Liquid Rocket Engine

My initial and very crude design for a regeneratively cooled rocket engine. The plan is to use laser sintering 3D Printing to make it out of solid steel or copper with internal cooling tubes that will run Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen through them. Explore the Up to Date Design Below in the 3D Viewer!

Rocket Recovery Paraglider

The idea is that using a mechanism similar to an Remote Control Paraglider, we can use this same paragliding mast to be able to guide down the rocket so we can bring it back safely. Check out the animations in the viewer as well by clicking on the video icon!

Inspirational Projects!

Some Projects that have shown me what is possible!