Read Before your Purchase of the Bremerton Bounce Track Spike

Thank you for your interest in the Bremerton Bounce running spike before your purchase of this product please take into account the following things you accept upon purchase of this product. This product has no warranty, and returns are only valid for 30 days from the time you received the product at your designated address, to file a return please text the number +1(702)850-1348, message and data rates may apply. Return reimbursement is only possible if you believe there is a manufacturer defect in the product that you received, any damage caused by the end consumer is not available for reimbursement. The Bremerton Bounce track spike has not been studied, thus improvements in athletic ability by using this product are not known or guaranteed. This track spike has also not been approved by any sport authority and is not formally authorized for use in any sporting events. The user of this track spike assumes all liability for their use of this product whether it be in an athletic or personal setting. Any references to technological advancement refers to the process by which the spikes are made and not the technology by which the track spike operates.